7 Tips For Living With Less Plastic

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Did you know that today, plastics are the No. 1 type of trash found in the sea? Each year, between 4 and 12 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the ocean — enough to cover every foot of coastline on the planet.

Plastic is versatile, durable and a relatively inexpensive material. But the overwhelming increase of plastic production is leaving us with a massive problem to solve. Recycling plays a big part in managing the plastic waste problem but recent studies showed that 91% of plastic worldwide isn't recycled, and it's scary to think that plastic can take between 500 and 1,000 years to fully decompose.

We know it's hard to completely stop using plastic, it's everywhere in our modern life but maybe it's time to re-think some of our habits and prioritize sustainable choices that respect our planet.

To help you do that, we've put together 7 easy tips to reduce the use of plastic in your life.

Bring your own cup
Over 99% of takeaway coffee cups don’t get recycled — even the paper cups are lined with plastic which makes them harder to recycle. So, if you love coffee, it's time for you to start taking a reusable cup with you to your favorite coffee shop.

Carry a reusable water bottle
The world now buys 1 million plastic bottles a minute. Don't buy individual bottles of water. Carry your own reusable water bottle that you can simply refill.

Bring your own shopping bag
You probably already have a reusable bag but the challenge is to remembering to have it with you. Keep a reusable bag by your front door, in your handbag, laptop bag… wherever works for you.

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Say no to disposable straws and cutlery
Like plastic bags and bottles, you usually just use plastic cutlery and straws for a couple of minutes before they end in the trash. Carry your own cutlery with you if you know you're eating out or leave a set in your car. As for straws, if you really must use them, choose a reusable one. If you don't need one, just skip it!

Cut out frozen meals
Frozen food containers are mostly plastic. Try to cook your own meals as much as you can. It's healthier, you'll feel better and the planet will appreciate it!

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Buy non-perishable goods in bulk
This goes for food and drink as well as cleaning supplies, personal care products, hardware items – anything that may come in plastic packaging. Buying in bulk reduces the need to go to the shops as often, and it reduces the amount of plastic used.

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Take a trip to your local store or farmers market
It's hard to avoid plastic in a big supermarket. Try to shop on local stores or farmers market where you can take your own bags and containers.

Never think that your efforts are too little to make a difference! Every small change in our lifestyles can have a major impact in the future.

With knowing comes caring, with caring comes change.


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