Living a #tuhkanalife with Mari Azevedo

Mari Azevedo in Arraial Do Cabo, Brazil
Today we bring you one incredibly happy and kind girl who lives a #tuhkanalife everyday! Meet Mari Azevedo, the 22-year-old actress and singer-songwriter from Rio de Janeiro who loves to surf, is super close with her brother and plays the guitar since she was 12.

Get to know more about Mari and read some fun facts about her below.

Mari Azevedo showing off her Laze One-Piece in Raw at Taipu de Fora, Brazil

Facts about me
I'm SUPER organized... I think I might have a little OCD hahah.
I love singing, writing songs and playing musical instruments. It gives me inner peace and that makes me feel good.
I dream about traveling around the world and learn about new cultures. Be travel-rich.

Mari nerding out with some comics in São Paulo, Brazil

3 interesting, funny or cool things about you
• I'm kind of a tomboy, maybe because I grew up with an older brother my entire life. I'm a very relaxed and chilled person.
• I like skating, surfing and I have a HUGE sneakers collection... I hate high heels. My mom is always asking me to dress in a more "feminine" way – you can imagine what she means... hahah
• I love sweets, specially chocolate. I really like it!

What essentials do you always take to the beach?
Tanning lotion, no doubt about it!!

What's your favorite beach snack?
I'm obsessed with coconuts!

Mari rockin' her Sharp Bikini Top and Thrill Bikini Bottom in Honey in Bahia, Brazil

Mari sippin' on some watermelon juice in Bahia, Brazil

How did you get into the Music and Television world?
I grew up seeing my brother acting in soap operas and I always wanted to follow his footsteps.
I started doing small plays until the day I was casted for a commercial and since then I never stopped working and doing what I love.

I always loved singing and started learning to play the guitar when I was 12 but had lessons for just a month and stopped. I ended up learning by myself to play the guitar, ukulele and piano.
I LOVE music with all my heart and it's something that I'll never stop doing.

What is your biggest career goal?
My biggest career goal is a dream I have for a long, long time. Being on stage with my brother and a guitar, with thousands of people watching us and singing along to our songs. Just thinking about that gives me chills.

Mari Azevedo playing the guitar and singing

Mari as "Vivi" for the Disney Channel show Juacas
Mari as "Vivi" for the Brazilian Disney Channel show Juacas

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
I consider myself a very happy and positive person, no matter what. I truly believe that positive thoughts create positive energy and negative thoughts create negative energy. That's why I always channel positive energy to everything I do and try to influence people around me to do the same... which is not always easy. Happiness and positivity are my life's philosophy ♥ I believe that's why I achieved everything I have so far!

What or who inspires you?
Without a doubt, my parents and my brother. A career in music and television is not always easy and my family is always there to support me and that's what keeps me going.

Mari hanging out at the beach with her brother

What's the most incredible destination you've ever visited?
Algarve, Portugal. I haven't traveled much yet, I left Brazil for the first time last year and since then I've visited a few countries. My favorite so far was the Algarve in Portugal. I absolutely fell in love with the beaches and really hope I can go back there soon  ♥

Mari exploring the beach at Praia da Marinha, Portugal

Next destination?
Miami and Disney World in Orlando!!!

Mari Azevedo killin' it in her Sharp Bikini Top and Thrill Bikini Bottom in Honey in Arraial Do Cabo, Brazil

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Instagram: @mariazevedo
YouTube: /mariazevedo
Twitter: @azevedomariii


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